3D DMLS SLM printer for metal

KMS Engineering Ltd. again in the forefront with a very interesting high-tech project: 3D printer for metal parts by DMLS/SLM technology – Direct Metal Laser Sintering/Selective Laser Melting. This printer is aimed at dental applications and jewelry, but the already successful adoption of this laser technology allows the construction of printers for industrial applications and aviation. We accepted this challenge because we believe that these additive technologies are an important part of the future. Materials that can be used – cobalt alloys, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, tool steel and many others. It is possible to achieve hollow structures unthinkable by the old technologies and close to those of the nature. This opens new possibilities for the human imagination, but also poses new challenges to the designers of machines and mechanisms.

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3D metal printer - 3D Model 3D metal printer - real machine
3D metal printer - dental parts 3D metal printer - industrial parts
3D metal printer - real machine 3D metal printer - real machine