Assembly machines

Assembly machines are automatic mechatronic systems, used for assembling of two or more parts. The industrial processes are often fully automatic, or semi-automatic – a machine operator feeds the machine with parts. The team at KMS ENGINEERING has worked on many projects, part of which are shown on this page.

Send us your ideas and the known parameters for the assembly machine or line so our team could prepare for discussion of the functional specification.


Assembly machines for toys – wheels and axes
Assembly machines for toys - wheels and axes Assembly machines for toys - wheels and axes


Examples for Assembly machines:


Assembly line:

Automatic machine with manual workplace:

Automatic assembly machine for two plastic components:

Handling equipment (manipulators):

Assembly machines for thermal screw fitting into a circuit breaker enclosure for SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC:


Assembly machines for sticking of balance weights for automotive industry:


Assembly machines for freewheels:


Assembly machines for drilling, threading and automatic screw tightening into pins for EU Plugs:


Assembly machines for 6 parts:


Assembly machine for toys – wheels and axes:


Assembly machine for toys – magnets and axes:


Assembly machine for toys – rail and plastic part:


Assembly machine for hooks and rollers (for curtain-rods):


Assembly machine for plastic dowels:


These examples are just a small part of the projects we have worked on. For more information please visit our Video section.