Process machines

Process machines conduct electrochemical processing on the parts. Our team has developed many process machine solutions for various industry branches.

Send us your ideas and the known parameters for the process machine or line so our team could prepare for discussion of the functional specification.

Examples for Process machines:

CNC Pressfeeder for sheet metal:

Automatic riveting station:

Pneumatic presses for manual workplaces:

Refrigerators press for company LIEBHERR:

Refrigerators press for company LIEBHERR

Process machine for energy panels:

Special Process machine for energy panels

Two-band grinding machine:

Special Two-band grinding machine

Plastic coating machine for springs:

Special Plastic coating machine for springs

Leak testing machine for can packages:

Special Leak testing machine for metal packages

Process machines (Wickelanlage) for LIEBHERR:


Two-band grinding machine:


Embossing process machine for tactile symbol for the chemical industry:


Process machines for energy panels:


CNC milling machine, developed by the team at KMS ENGINEERING:


Vacuum chamber for plastic parts metallization:


Leak testing machine for can packages:


These examples are just a small part of the projects we have worked on. For more information please visit our Video section.