Step feeders

Step feeders are suitable for sorting of parts resembling screws, axes, needles. They are relatively easy to changeover for different parts. The hopper device is located at a suitable height ensuring parts could be loaded easily:

Parts reach the top due to the movement of the lifting plates. No additional feeding devices are required. A big part of the parts are already sorted during the transportation process.

Step feeders Step feeders

Step feeders Step feeder for steel parts

Basic features:

  • Control of feeding speed
  • Easy changeover for different parts
  • Automatic return of the parts
  • Pre-sorting of parts
  • The device could be adapted to similar part families

KMS step feeders:

  • Model SE2-5 – suitable for screw sizes M3 – M5.
  • Model SE5-10 – suitable for screw sizes M5 – M10.
  • Model HD1 – suitable for cylindrical steel parts

Step feeding devices could be changed based on customer specification, the following parameters may be customized:

  • step (stroke length)
  • slider width depending on the parts to be fed
  • feeding rate

How step feeders work: