Special Machines

Special machines and lines design is one of the main activities of KMS ENGINEERING Ltd. We construct, design, produce and commission special machines, according to the customer requirements, for automation of various industry branches.

The particular solution depends mainly on the parts geometry as well as the productivity requirements.

We have worked on many projects – from T-shift folding machines, embossing machine for tactile symbol for the chemical industry, etching machine, various assembly, process and packing machines.

Some of the major projects are process machine for LIEBHERR, Spring disentangling device for FESTO, assembly machine for SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

Our company provides various solutions, depending on the customers’ needs. After discussion on the technical parameters in  the functional specification, we will respond with a quote for the project.


Special machines production in three main directions:

  • Assembly machines
  • Process machines
  • Packing machines
Assembly machines:

Assembly machines

Process machines:

Process machines

Packing machines:

Packing machines (Machines for packing)


Please review the separate machines categories for sample projects we have developed for our customers.