Activities of KMS ENGINEERING Ltd.

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KMS Engineering, a company established in 1997 by dipl. eng Zapryan Mitev as technology center for assembly machines and robotic systems. Feeding technology is very important part of these systems and the increased demand of them has lead to a variety of applications in different areas. Soon after the work in the area of feeding technology, new projects, related to automation of complex production processes, design and manufacture of automatic machines for a wide range of industrial branches and customers from Bulgaria, as well as Greece, Turkey and Germany has been worked on.The know-how of the company has been developing since 1973 in KAM Plovdiv and we consider ourselves being a successor of KAM.

KMS Engineering Ltd. specializes in the following areas:

  • Feeding technology
  • Handling technology – pneumatic and servo manipulators
  • Custom machines for different industrial processes.


Thanks to the economic situation in Bulgaria, in the past 4 years many European automotive companies have invested in facilities in Bulgaria. As a local supplier, our products and services could be very profitable for their business.