Activities of KMS ENGINEERING Ltd.Please click the image to enlarge it.


Design and manufacture of:

– Customer-specific assembly machines for parts

– Feeding technology

  • Vibratory Bowl feeders
  • Linear Vibratory feeders
  • Hoppers (bulk feeders)
  • Rotary feeders
  • Centrifugal feeders
  • Step and Carpet feeders
  • Drum feeders
  • Magazine feeders
  • Escapement units

– Manipulators and grippers

– Customer-specific parts orientation

-Disentangling, orientation and feeding of springs

-Machine Vision quality control and parts inspection

– Screwdriving technology – screw orientation, screw feeding, automatic screw tightening

– Packing technology

– Dosing devices

– Conveyor belts, Roller conveyors, Step conveyors

– Servo-driven technological devices

– Servo-driven rotary index tables

– Servo-driven 2-axis and 3-axis positioning devices

– Process and Assembly machines and lines, based on customer requirements.