Feeding systems

High-quality feeding systems, with very high rate of proper oriented parts are designed and manufactured by KMS ENGINEERING . Our mission is to answer the highest industry demands about quality of the systems we design.

We design and manufacture feeding systems based on the popular technologies – vibratory bowl feeders, linear feeds, centrifugal and rotary feeders, carpet and drum and stepper feeders. We successfully combine them with various handling systems as well as systems based on machine vision for visual parts inspection and image processing. We have the know-how for less popular technologies such as Springs disentangling systems, Screwdriving technology, Centrifugal feeders, etc. Our team has gained long-standing experience in the area of design and manufacture of pneumatic and servo-driven customer-specific handling manipulators, robots, escapement units and parts guiding systems.

The next pages show more detailed information about the different feeding technologies. We could design a cost-efficient feeding system, according to your productivity requirements.

The lower labour costs in Bulgaria allow us to provide very competitive and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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Feeding technology:


Vibratory Bowl feeders:

Vibratory bowl feeder

Linear feeders:

Linear feeders (Inline feeders)

Rotary feeders:

Rotary feeder

Centrifugal feeders:

Centrifugal feeder

Screwdriving technology:

Screwdriving technology

Step feeders:

Step feeders

Carpet feeders: Machine Vision systems:

Machine vision systems

Handling units:

Handling units (Manipulators)

Spring Disentangling systems:

Springs disentangling devicesSpring disentangling device

Entangled springs in bulk

Robotic technology:

Robotic technology